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Non-Revenue Roundup: Men's Water Polo Rolls, Women's Volleyball Stumbles, Women's Basketball Starts Strong

While this weekend featured a pair of embarrassing, total fail losses for both Rick's hapless squad and Howland's lazy, uninspired unit, the past week featured predominately good results for UCLA's other athletic squads, with a few mixed results, and one weekend sweep.

Despite some of our non-revenue sports putting themselves in prime position for post-season runs, this past weekend was one of the worst weekends in recent UCLA history.  We saw Howland's overweight, slow, lazy, entitled squad came out flat and uninspired against a vastly inferior (in terms of talent) Loyola Marymount squad, losing 69-58, while Rick took his hapless team to Salt Lake City, where the Bruins embarrassed themselves with stupid penalties and lazy, unimaginative play, leading to a 31-6 Utah victory.

Although most of our non-revenue sports had a solid week, it doesn't change the need for us to enact wholesale regime change in Westwood

With that, let's take a look at how our non-revenue programs fared this past week:

Alright folks, that's your non-revenue roundup for the past week. Great start for Cori Close and an encouraging start for B.J. Snow's team in what we all hope will be a deep march to a national title.  But while our non-revenue sports are doing great (as usual), we shouldn't let that be a crutch for Guerrero's Reign of Error, and we have to keep our eye on the ultimate prize to do right by our student athletes: wholesale regime change in Westwood.

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