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Public Policy Polling: UCLA = California's "Most Popular" Sports School

Public Policy Polling is one of the most prominent polling firms in the country getting props from publications such Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post for their track record. So these data points pointing to UCLA as the "most popular" sports school in California  will get around:

-Shifting gears to sports, UCLA at 27% and Stanford at 26% lead the way for the most popular out of the state's Pac 12 schools with Cal-Berkeley at 20% and USC at 14% further back. There's a partisan divide on that question with Democrats preferring UCLA and Republicans going for Stanford.

This is not a surprise given UCLA year in and year out is also the most applied school to in the country.

Still, think about it. Despite the complete FUBAR situation of our major revenue sports, UCLA still remains the most popular sports school in California. Imagine the upside if we have competent leadership enabling the Bruins to have elite programs in both major revenue sports.