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BN Gameday: Colorado Game Thread

Well here we go again ladies and gentlemen. We are just about at kick off time. Laughably, the Bruins are once again playing in a"biggest" game of the year as a "conference division championship" is on the line. In the big picture the game doesn't matter much as no matter what happens rest of this season, we will need a wholesale regime change in Westwood. Still as usual we did our best to prepare for this game. You can read up our scouting reports on Colorado here, here and here.

As always if you need to cram in some last minute game notes check out the SBN coverage leading to this game. The game will be televised nationally on Versus. Ted Robinson, Glenn Parker and Akbar Gbaja-Biamila will form the announce team. Kickoff is scheduled for 4:35 pm PST. You can keep track of the game online via the official site and also the WWL game page. Let's get this "show" started.

Fire away.