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Bruin Bites: Vallely for the Cure, Tale of Two QBs, UCLA Crimefighters, LJ Profile, Rest in Peace Dean Cates

LJ dials up one of Coach Howland's favorite set plays. (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
LJ dials up one of Coach Howland's favorite set plays. (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Another Wednesday and another half-way point to the weekend, when Rick Neuheisel's team will take on the Arizona Sun Devils at the Rose Bowl.  While some Rick apologists are looking to Saturday's game as his chance for great redemption, as Nestor laid out earlier, in the bigger scheme of things, Saturday's game won't change the trajectory of Rick's failed tenure in Westwood.  As we've laid out, it's time for us to move on from Rick (a conclusion supported by casual observers of our program, such as Dan Patrick and Pat Forde), and ultimately true joy around UCLA football (where we are a relevant player in the national picture, regularly competing for conference titles and Rose Bowl appearances), will not return until we purge the diseased culture of mediocrity that envelops Morgan Center and, ultimately, the man behind it, Dan Guerrero.  In short, Saturday will not change the need for wholesale regime change in Westwood.

With that, let's turn to the bits and pieces of news from around the UCLA-iverse:

With that, those are your Bruin Bites for the middle of the week as we patiently wait another weekend of UCLA football in what should be Rick Neuheisel's swan song season in Westwood.  It's been a long decade of irrelevance for UCLA football and it's time for wholesale regime change.

For now, fire away with your thoughts, comments, and additions in the comment thread.