Tone-deaf Guerrero Ignores UCLA Football in His Latest "Blog"

Dan Guerrero sent out his latest edition of "Word of Westwood" last night. The athletic department published it on their official site today. The weekly newsletter lamely labeled as a "blog" and then emailed to season ticket holders is once again a vanilla mix of boring, cheesy press releasy type of paragraphs, larded up with soul less bureaucratic jargon.

This week's newsletter stands out for one thing. Guerrero doesn't bother to address the state of the football program until the seventh paragraph. If one takes a quick look at it the person will most likely miss it as Guerrero raptures about our volleyball, soccer and water polo programs.  That's nice. We appreciate our non-revenue programs as much as any other UCLA communities. We probably do more than any other to talk them up. But if Guerrero was competent and confident, he'd be leading with the topic that is currently dominating the conversation among Bruin alums and fans, who are interested in UCLA athletics.

As we have been saying over and over football drives everything. Don't take our word for it. As Nestor pointed over the weekend Coach Ben Howland, Larry Scott and other Pac-12 coaches agree with us. Everyone knows football is king except for Guerrero and his bureaucratic minions at Morgan Center, who keep sending out these lame newsletters talking them up as "blogs."

What's that word we are looking for again? Tone-deaf. Guerrero still doesn't have a clue and gives us a fresh example of why we need regime change in Westwood.

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