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The Bad Boys Save a Bad UCLA Basketball Team

Jerime Anderson played a nice game for UCLA.  (Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images)
Jerime Anderson played a nice game for UCLA. (Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images)
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UCLA played the first half as a bad team, but in the second half, the suspension bad boys led us to a 32 point win, 90-62 over Chaminade.  Jerime Anderson kept us in the game with some nice three shooting and a few nice effort plays on defense scoring 9 in each half.  Back from suspension, in the second-half Reeves shows how much this team needs him as his presence on the floor keys a 10 point run.  

Also, Zeek has his fifth awful half in row before he finally got out of his horrendous slump and hit some threes.  Again, Reeves made a difference just by being on the floor, leading us in defensive rebounds in only 11 minutes and helping the team regain its identity.  It was if we remembered that we are an inside-out team.  Need to go inside so the shooters can step into their shots from a pass back from the inside.  Made a big difference for Zeek. 

But this is a Division II team.  The second half is the way the game should look for both halves.  We should dominate.  We won the second half but we were only in the game in the first half because this was a Division II team.  There are serious issues.  More after the jump.

UCLA shot 21% from three in the first half. Look at the scoring leaders and you will see another problem.  Jones with 19, Anderson with 18, and Lamb with 15.  I am not sure that is where UCLA wants its points from.  Shouldn't it be Smith, Nelson and then those guys?  The complete box score is here.  

Lamb to his credit took the ball to the hole sometimes and fairly well but was still 1-5 from three.  He also got burned on D, which is frightening considering who we were playing and he is supposed to be the best defender.  Jones was ugly in the first half but played smart in the second half to his credit.  He went inside to score a few times before he started hitting a couple threes.  Anderson looks like he is ready to be our designated three shooter but still looks awkward going to the basket or playing as a true PG.  

But this is huge, Jones was again the leader in shot attempts.  He shot 18 times which was more than our entire front court for the game!!  We need to find a way to get those inside guys involved more.  Also, Travis Wear was exposed as a weak defender again and a bad fit for this team.  He is a big who likes to face the basket.  As a team we need bigs who can post to take the pressure off the shooters. 

I am not sure the defense improved except for the presence inside to block shots.  This definitely helped and Stover reminded us how long his arms really are.  But our guards: Jones, Lamb, and Anderson were beaten badly on defense.  This is scary against a D-2 team.

Some are looking forward to tomorrow night.  I am worried that this team really needs both Nelson and Anderson to have a chance to win a game, any game.