Coaching Candidates Thread: Urban Meyer to tOSU While Chianti Dan Fiddles

Speculation continues to swirl about Urban Meyer being introduced soon as the next Ohio State football coach:

Sources have confirmed to The [Cleveland] Plain Dealer that Meyer will be named Ohio State's next head coach. Multiple other outlets have reported the understanding also reached between the school and the two-time national champion coach, though Meyer himself continues to deny any finalized agreement. No official announcement would come from Ohio State until next week.

So, it looks like Urban Meyer to Ohio State is pretty much done, Meyer's non-denial denials notwithstanding:

Unable to enjoy ultimate success at Florida, where health problems led him to resign after winning two national championships, Urban Meyer now comes to Ohio State, winner of one such title in the last 43 years.

He will be expected to succeed in Columbus ultimately again -- and as  soon as possible.

The question is, can a match be struck twice? If so, happy Thanksgiving, Buckeye fans. There is a better chance, though, that Meyer will be a short-timer.


Ultimate success is always the expectation at Ohio State, come hell or high-temperature water, in which the program landed after a player-ineligibility scandal forced Jim Tressel out.

Like Tressel, Meyer coaches in the real world, too, in which at-risk players who can run, catch, throw and tackle can become  blue-chip recruits. Florida had over 30 incidents of players getting into trouble with the law when Meyer coached there, with incidents running from the trivial to the serious. He had a clean sheet with the NCAA, though.

If it comes down simply to sustainability of national championships, that is a problem Ohio State fans will be happy to face. The task will certainly become easier in the Big Ten, a swamp of mediocrity this season because of the effect of the suspensions on the Buckeyes, than it was during Meyer's years of triumph in the cobra pit that was the Southeastern Conference.

So what, exactly, is Chianti Dan's plan?  There is really no excuse for his continued refusal to step into the modern world while Arizona, New Mexico, and now it looks like Ohio State have completed their coaching searches, and this is why we need wholesale regime change in Westwood.

Bruins Nation, who do you support?  Nestor has given the thumbs down to retreads like Belotti, and coaches who haven't proven anything, like Sark and Sumlin.  Achilles has laid out the criteria for a successful head coaching hire.  Meanwhile, Dan Guer-error the dilettante is apparently gobbling doughnuts and swilling Chianti rather than working on hiring a head coach.  In the meantime, Arizona has already hired Rich Rod, and word is that tOSU and UNC are hard at work making sure Urban Meyer and Chris Petersen will not be available. 

Fire away in the comments.

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