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UCLA Basketball Remains Winless Against Division I

This is a low point.  The box score is here but does not tell the story as it was not that close. ESPN is hyping and acting surprised at any point the game is close.  Bruins fans "everyWear" are making bad puns that are not as bad as Travis and David's defense and shot selection.  The fat jokes are there every time Smith is in which isn't long because he gets tired so quick.  Our best player right now some, including myself, thought should be suspended longer after he stole a laptop.  Our next best player was also suspended and followed his suspension by missing the bus. 

The game was a forgone conclusion but still painful to watch, looking at it from ESPN's perspective I can see why they were hyping UCLA as only down seven and acting surprised at halftime.   

I have never seen a worse UCLA team on offense.  Our starting PG can only score on an out-of-control- drive and hope to get fouled; it is how Zeek got most of his points.  There is only one player I think who is playing smart, for the most part, and it is Jerime Anderson. It is so bad the kid who stole the "unattended" laptop is exercising the best judgment on the team.  There is no flow.  It is also sad to watch Norman Powell, an explosive freshman, wait at the three point line and hardly move.  

The defense has huge issues.  We can't stop any Division I team from shooting over 50%.  Our best defender right now is known for taking possessions off.  Our supposed defensive stopper (Tyler Lamb), has been burned in every game, although his offense has improved. 

And then there are the bizarre lineups.  In the past CBH has changed for better defense. Sometimes now it looks like he is pulling names out of the hat (except for Lane and Stover.)  This team is broke.

Time is running out for CBH to fix it. 

Go Bruins