Pile On: UCLA Alums Confront Chianti Dan in Maui & on Facebook

The football program is a national punch line and now the basketball program has officially become a national joke as well. So what is Chianti Dan doing about the current sad mess?

Well as I mentioned in the hoops comment thread good ole Dan Guerrero is hanging out in Hawaii with his pathetic basketball program while serious college football programs are locking in their coaches. Apparently DG got into a spat with a Bruin fan over football and told him everything is cool because we are a win away from Pac-12 championship game. Thankfully from what I heard that Bruin fan didn't buy Dan's BS spin and gave him an earful.

Meanwhile, in the online world UCLA alums and fans are lighting up the athletic department's Facebook page over it's absurd decision to break out alternative uniforms. Morgan Center is getting lit up for its latest dumb move after giving a lame tease of the alternative unis. Some sample comments after the jump.

From Kimberly Madvin:

Guerrero ABSOLUTELY should be fired!!!! But NOT because of the uniforms.... Our football team is a JOKE!!!! And our legendary basketball program is going down in FLAMES!!!!!! Neuheisel MUST go too!!!!!! I don't care WHAT they're wearing on S...aturday.... As much as I want to beat SC, I don't see it happening with those BOZO'S running the show!!! Uuuuggghhhh...... DON'T REPLACE THE UNIFORMS, REPLACE THE COACH AND THE A.D.!!!!!

Edward Macias:

What was the point of going through all the trouble of having the conference approve the duel home jerseys for this game? It was a tradition for many years and it took a lot to get it back and now this? Stupid!! I'm sure the alternate un...iforms are going to be very exciting to see, but this really isn't the time. And why tell everybody? Why not just come out of the tunnel after pregame wearing them? At this point, I don't care if they wear their practice jerseys--they just better WIN!!

And I will close it with Melissa Anderson:

Couldn't we have rolled these out against, say, Utah or Oregon State? Epic fail by the athletic department planning this for $C.

Couldn't agree more with Melissa. If you want to give these guys a piece of your mind about their stupid decision to break out unis post them on the wall here.

Let Dan here it from all fronts. It appears that Bruin fans and boosters are doing their part while he is wasting time in Hawaii. May as well pour your frustrations into their Facebook page as well.


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