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$outhern Cal Pregame Open Thread

Well folks, we are just a few hours away from kickoff of the SC game. We will have our usual open thread for the game coming up at 6:45 PST, but until then, here is an open thread to get everybody through the mid-afternoon and early evening games. With 4 of the 6 BCS conferences ending regular season play today, there are several games being played with championship implications, including several games still in progress: Alabama playing for a BCS Title game berth in the Iron Bowl @ Auburn; Penn State @ Wisconsin, with the winner taking the place opposite Michigan State in the Big 10 Championship game, Virginia Tech @ Virginia with the winner facing Clemson in the ACC Championship game and Oregon needing success in their Beaver hunt for the right to host the Bruins on Friday Night.

While those comprise most of the significant games for this Saturday, there are more rivalry games to come before our game kicks off at 7pm.

  • Florida State @ Florida, 4pm - ESPN2
  • Ole Miss @ Missippippi State, 4pm - ESPN3/ESPNU
  • Washington State @ Washington, 4:30pm - Versus
  • Clemson @ South Carolina, 5pm - ESPN
  • Notre Dame @ Stanford, 5pm - ABC

UPDATE (N): Images of alternate uni (released a little while ago after the jump.

Here you go:

You can see it from all angles here. The uniform looks great but as we maintained, just horrible timing.