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U.C.L.A. vs. Southern Cal, 2nd Half Thread

I had hope.

Unfortunately, as we say, hope is not a strategy.

Our team came out with all the tradition and passion and imagination displayed by our awesome new unis.  Pale. Colorless.  Plain.  Surrender flags.

The difference in attitude and passion and skill between the two teams was evident from the first drives.  That's when *$c took 4 plays to go the length of the field to score their first TD.  And that's when the *$c defense denied the Bruin offense on 4th and goal at the 1 yard line. And that was the starting point for the ensuing predictable 99 yd touchdown drive.  And so on and so on and so on.

Barkley and Lee and Woods have been awesome.  Our defensive cushions and tackling and pash rush have not.  The trogans have come out in that spread formation on PAT's all season long, but our pathetic coaching staff didn't seem to bother to consider preparing for it.  I'll give some props to the offense for moving the ball ok, but they have no chance of matching scores with usb, especially when they miss a wide open Shaq Evans deep, and throw a pick in the end zone, and fail to get one yard when they absolutely had to.  The feeble last minute drive to try to get some points before the half ended was sad and tragic in its valiant struggle against inevitable failure.   And that's why we are trailing by 29 at halftime.

The halftime stats can be found here, for anyone who wants to see what really big numbers look like next to really small numbers. More after the jump.

Here are some other numbers, if you want to see what a football program looks like next to, well, us...

2002: 21-52 (wasn't that close)
2003: 22-47
2004: 24-29
2005: 19-66
2006: 13-9*
2007: 7-24
2008: 7-28
2009: 7-28
2010: 14-28
2011: 0-29 (in progress)

Here is another number.  1-310-825-2151

That's Chancellor Block's office.  I recommend you call it.   Because until Chancellor Block replaces Dan Guerrerror with someone who has a clue how to run a big time football program in the 2000's, and who will bring in a competent coaching regime, we are going to see U.C.L.A. football continue to be embarrassed on the field, and in the dressing room, and on the national scene.

We have a second half to go.  Let's hope our Bruins dig up some pride and come out with a different attitude.   Let's hope our Chancellor has a sense of responsibility to his University.