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0-50: UCLA is Dominated by Southern Cal

Southern Cal humiliates UCLA.

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Usually I try to start the post game recaps with a witty line encapsulating the game experience.  Here it is.

That sucked.

And that's putting it mildly.

I also put in the post game recaps what happened during the game.  Here we go...

UCLA kicks off.  USC scores on four plays.

We get the ball, we get all the way to the one.  On fourth down, we ACTUALLY go for it, but of course run up the middle and we're stuffed.  Quel surprise.

SC scores.

We can't catch a ball to save our lives, but Jeff Locke has a nice punt.

SC scores again and goes for two.  Of course they make it.

SC scores.  repeat x number of times, as I am writing this before the game ends.  Right now the score is 50-0. (It ends at 50-0.)

Coming into this game, there was one main thing:  stop Lee and Woods of SC.  I mean, they're only the leading receivers in the Pac-12 right?  Unfortunately our secondary just cannot stop these two.  We can't get effective pressure on Barkley, and he has all day to throw passes.  It's just... sad.  USC steamrolled us tonight, and there's nothing that can be said that spins the game in a positive light.

We were blitzed from the beginning.  UCLA came out unprepared, undisciplined, unfocused, uneverything.  Remember a few weeks ago, after the Arizona game, when I said that that game was embarrassing  to the word embarrassing?  This is a million times worse.  It was shameful.  And there are a few people we can pin the blame squarely on.

1a. Dan Guerrero
1b. Rick Neuheisel

Are you tired of UCLA coming out for big games flat, unprepared, and completely steamrolled by the other team?  And it's not just football, it's basketball also.

We need one thing at UCLA:  REGIME CHANGE.  Dan Guerrero and Rick Neuheisel must go.  Dan Guerrero cannot be permitted to hire another football coach, or we are going to set this program back another five to ten years.

As noted in the second half thread, let's leave this out there:

2002: 21-52 (wasn't that close)
2003: 22-47
2004: 24-29
2005: 19-66
2006: 13-9*
2007: 7-24
2008: 7-28
2009: 7-28
2010: 14-28
2011: 0-50

Throw in 2001, which was the LAST TIME I attended a game at the Masoleum, and I left in the third quarter because we were being shut out, I had to catch the buses back to the dorms, and everyone was really drunk all around me.

Games like this shouldn't happen.  It has happened a few too many times this year.  Arizona is the prime example.

The Trogans are dancing and celebrating on their sideline as they squish us in excitement.  Matt Barkley is being heralded as the latest messiah.  This is their "bowl game" since they're sanctioned cheating jerks (I had a stronger word, but I'll keep it clean for now) and we couldn't get up for a rivalry game?  When we have an even bigger game next week, where Oregon shows absolutely no mercy and will keep their foot on the gas pedal every single play?

Someone, have mercy on our souls.  Have Rick resign, have Dan be shown the door at the Morgan center.  SOMETHING to show the UCLA fanbase that they are not disconnected from what the fans (and importantly the donors) want  - relevancy and a commitment to the phrase "Champions made here."  Not mediocrity.

I don't blame the players, and I don't want it to come off as anything wrong with the players.  They play as hard as they can, but their effort is also dictated by the efforts of those above them - the coaching staff.  If there is a commitment to "meh" football, we're going to get "meh" results.

Call the Chancellor:  1-310-825-2151
Send him an email:

Show the Morgan Center you WILL NOT ACCEPT THESE RESULTS.

Oh, and by the way, we have a game on Friday.  I can't wait.