UCLA Fans: Don't Show Up At Sports Arena Tomorrow Unless Chianti Dan Fires Neuheisel

This is going to be another very simple post. We have made it very clear to Chianti Dan that he needs to let Rick Neuheisel go right now, today. Yet Chianti Dan appears to be pulling out all the stops to hang on to Rick for no good reason for at least for few more days.

What Chianti Dan is doing is deeply irresponsible, cruel to Neuheisel, players and their families and most importantly completely disrespectful and insulting to the greater Bruin family. So if Chianti Dan has not made a move by tonight, we'd recommend all UCLA alums, season ticket holders and fans stay away from all athletic events this week.

This means DO NOT SHOW UP at tomorrow's basketball game against Pepperdine or any athletic events this week unless Guerrero makes an announcement ASAP that Neuheisel will not return as UCLA's head coach next season.

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Do not give Chianti Dan's clueless regime one penny until he shows some dignity and do what a Bruin with any sense of pride in those four letters needs to do today.

Those who go to the hoops game tomorrow will further enable this guy's incompetence and mess in Westwood. Unless Chianti Dan does the right thing today, every $ that goes into this AD will further exacerbate the situation.

If Chianti Dan doesn't let Rick go today, stay away from the Garbage Arena for tomorrow's game against Pepperdine. It doesn't matter anyway. Why would you want to support another joke major revenue program embarrassing the four letters under Chianti Dan's regime.


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