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Chianti Dan Guerrero Wants You To Trust In His Football Vision!

As Bruin Grad and Dad posted, Chianti Dan has come out with his "emergency" version of the Word from Westwood!

I know you're all as excited as I am to hear straight from the Horse's, uh, mouth, about our 2 hour old coaching search, so let's get to it.

I am fully aware that a great number of you had been clamoring for this decision for quite some time, while just as many were fervent supporters of Rick. I want you to know that this was a difficult decision for me, primarily because Rick is an alumnus and bleeds Bruin Blue.

Cool story, Dan. Maybe this is your way of showing some grace to Rick on his way out the door. Too bad anyone who has paid attention to this program at all knows about Rick's Bruin bona fides. We don't need to be reminded that this is a painful separation. Except that...

However, it became evident that a move had to be made in the best interest and in the short-term and long-term health of our program. Despite Rick’s efforts, the team’s performance was inconsistent throughout the year.

It became evident? It was evident after Arizona, and the only thing more painful than having to part ways with a true Bruin who clearly cares is the way he was left twisting in the wind for the last few weeks, and most notably at the Championship Game press conference. The merciful thing to do was to let him go, but instead he was used as political cover (cannon fodder) for certain people without the spine to do what was right by the program. Given that...

• First and foremost, this will not be a public search; the only way to truly attract the best possible candidates is to keep the process out of the public eye as much as possible.
• Second, because we are going to be very guarded in this process, we ask that you please exercise a measure of patience with us and that you don’t get caught up in rumors, conjecture, or media reports that claim to have "inside" information.
• Finally, the process will be an extensive one and will result in a coach that the entire Bruin family will be proud to call their own.

That's all well and good under normal circumstances, but you'll have to excuse the rest of us for wanting to micromanage this just a tad given how you handled your first coaching search with a short list full of retreads and second tier candidates and how you micromanaged and forced subordinates on your second football hire. No, I'm afraid the trust in your football vision is at an all time low.

I'm glad to hear the rumblings of some of the big names that are out there "assisting" you in this endeavor. It would be advisable to listen to them, because I'm sure they're not filling your head right now with visions of another Bob Field reject hire. This is the pivotal moment. Become the AD that strives for Bruin greatness first and foremost or get out of the way.