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Non-Revenue Roundup: Men's Water Polo Wins Conference, Men's Soccer Advances, Women's Hoops Gets Back on Track

Photo Credit: Pac-12 Conference
Photo Credit: Pac-12 Conference

Wow. I didn't actually think Rick would get the axe: I figured ol' Chianti Dan could protect his buddy and things would proceed down in a painful, agonizing spiral. But, apparently, someone got the upper hand, with Chianti Dan's long-term prospects at UCLA looking dimmer, and with UCLA football again on the market for a head coach. So, with all the breaking news, we decided to slide the non-revenue roundup from it's normal Monday afternoon spot to this early Tuesday morning. Hey, at least it was because UCLA did something right for once.

Now, while Rick has been shown the door, we shouldn't forget that the Vespa Clown Show (brought to you by Chianti Dan and Joe Tresey) happened or the Dumpster Fire Squad (sponsored by Dan Guerrero's Fine Chianti Excursions, produced by Ben Howland) is still around. As I mentioned yesterday, both of our revenue programs are a complete and total joke. And there's only one person to blame: Chianti Dan Guerrero. The incompetent, do-nothing bureaucrat who is more concerned with taking chianti trips with donors than with competently running our athletic department, is a public employee who sits back, collects a king's ransom ($600K+), and does just enough to not raise the ire of clueless bookworm academic Chancellor Gene Block.

It's a total embarrassment and it's a wonder that the rest of the athletic department hasn't completely imploded either. With that in mind, let's take a look at how our other (read: not embarrassingly pitiful) programs fared this past week:

Alright folks, that's your non-revenue roundup for the past week. Great week for the men's teams in action, with a conference title wrapped up and Salcedo's team gearing up for the ultimate rematch, but mixed results for the ladies, with a couple of tough losses.

As we've mentioned before, despite success in the non-revenue sports (although, if you look at the numbers, UCLA has slipped here too under Chianti Dan's flaccid leadership), we have to keep our eye on the ultimate prize to do right by our student athletes: wholesale regime change in Westwood, meaning Dan Guerrero must be fired.

Fire away with your thoughts, takes, analysis, and opinions in the comment thread.