Aikman and McNown to Idaho to sell UCLA Football?

Just got done watching the Channel 11 (Fox) News here in Los Angeles. I haven't seen this anywhere so if I missed it I apologize and it can be deleted. However, the sportscaster (I don't know here name cause I usually don't watch that newscast) just reported that Troy Aikman and Cade McNown either went, or are going, to Idaho to talk to Chris Petersen and sell him on coming to Los Angeles and run our program. Pretty cool if true. I haven't cruised the internet yet to get confirmation, and I have no link.............all I have is my word that I just saw it. If anyone else has further confirmation, please post. If true, this is great news and it is awesome to see the old guard come to the rescue. Don't ever let it be said that our former players don't have pride in our program and those four letters!! GO BRUINS!!

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