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Saturday Afternoon: Arizona State Pregame Open Thread

Another Fall Saturday afternoon is upon us, and another UCLA Football game is just a few hours away. We will have our usual open thread for the Bruins game coming up at 4:15 PDT. Until then, here is an open thread to get everybody through the early afternoon games, as well as chat about some of the later games - whether it be the Bruins/Sun Devils, or the "Game of the Century" kicking off in Tuscaloosa later tonight. There are a couple of early games wrapping up right now, such as the Michigan/Iowa battle, or the blowout of Mike Leach's old team in Austin. Here are today's Pac-12 games and some of the major national games.

12:30pm PDT:

  • Stanford @ Oregon State (ABC/ESPN3)
  • Purdue @ Wisconsin (ESPN3/ABC/ESPN2)
  • Northwestern @ Nebraska (Big Ten Network)
  • Texas A&M @ Oklahoma (ESPN3/ABC/ESPN)
  • Army @ Air Force (CBS)

And the counter programming to the UCLA/ASU (4:30pm, Versus):
  • Washington State @ Cal (3:30pm, Comcast/Fox Sports)
  • Utah @ Arizona (4pm, Fox College Sports)
  • Mizzu @ Baylor (4pm, Comcast/Fox Sports)
  • USC @ Arkansas (4:15pm, ESPN) 

A trio of games on national TV at 5pm PDT - with LSU/Alabama leading the way.

  • LSU @ Alabama (CBS)
  • Kansas State @ Oklahoma State (ABC)
  • Notre Dame @ Wake Forest (ESPN2)

Oregon @ Washington gets the late night Pac-12 spot for the week (7:30pm, Comcast/Fox Sports), with the Ducks looking to win the final game at Husky Stadium before the venue closes for renovations. Boise State also plays UNLV (CBS College Sports) for those in the mood for witnessing a massacre.