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BN Gameday: Arizona State Second Half Thread

The score from the Rose Bowl is 16-14 (boxscore). UCLA offense picked up where it left off against Cal. Bruins have been hammering the Sun Devils with their running game as our ground attack has generated a little over 100 yards in the first half. Kevin Prince had couple of nice runs to get it going early in the first drive which ended with a Jet Ski TD run. Then after wasting a huge KO return from Josh Smith, the Bruin offense went on a huge drive led by Derrick Coleman. Bruins could have perhaps been up by a higher margin but they decided to mail it by the pathetic, ridiculous "playing not to lose" mindset that have screwed this program time after time for decades dating back to Donahue.

As for the defense, same old same old. We have had some nice moments here and there but we continue to get burned with our big cushion and fairly soft coverage. It'd be nice if we were using more of our speed and athleticism available in our young talent more often than going with old experience. It was nice to see a stop in ASU's last drive before the half ended but we haven't seen much that gives us a whole lot of confidence. There was also the scene of Rick Neuheisel and Joe Tresey kind of yelling at each other. Yikes.

We have no idea how the second half will turn out and most of us are emotionally ambivalent about it. But the Bruins are still in the game. That's something I guess.

Fire away in the second half thread.