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Bruin Bites: Bruin Engineers Land Big Payday, Nick Matthews Wins, Dribble for the Cure's Huge Success

"Neubs, I need <strong><em>you </em></strong>to save my job!  I'm turning the corner, I swear!"
"Neubs, I need you to save my job! I'm turning the corner, I swear!"

It's Sunday evening, and for the first time this season, Bruin fans can enjoy back-to-back UCLA victories.  Sure the  second victory was gift-wrapped to UCLA, thanks to an Arizona State team that played undisciplined and choked in the clutch. 

The downside is that it has brought out the Neubs in full-force, beating their chests about the "awesomeness" of Neuheisel "turning the corner" against a "powerful" Arizona State team.  LOL.  How soon people forget that even Karl Dorrell had his 13-9 moment.  Although Karl's was against a #2-ranked U$C team one game short of playing the BCS title game, with vastly superior talent than this year's #19-ranked ASU squad, the Neubs are declaring this Rick's signature win that will "turn around the program."  LOL.  Oh, and BTW, Karl's win-loss record at UCLA was 29-21 after four seasons.  Rick stands at 20-26 right now, so even if he wins out (which means winning every remaining regular season game, as well as the Pac-12 title game, and the Rose Bowl game, not some half-ass, win the regular season but lose in the title game BS), he'll finish at 25-26.  Last time I checked 29-21 is better than 25-26.  Just sayin' Neubs.

Good win for the guys, and a good win for UCLA's fans (many of whom are so downtrodden and used to losing that they'll take pride in meaningless moral victories), but a lot of questions remain surrounding the coaching staff (especially after Rick's repeated efforts to play-not-to-lose, which nearly cost UCLA the game), which leaves us convinced we still need wholesale regime change in Westwood

With that, let's turn to the bits and pieces of news from around the UCLA-iverse for this lazy fall Sunday evening:

Alright folks, that's your Bruin Bites round-up of news from around the UCLA-iverse.  Great win for the young guys yesterday, although we will need to keep our eye on the prize: doing right by those players by giving them a real coaching staff as part of a complete regime change in Westwood.