Dan Guerrero's Best Seller: AD for Dummies

Thanks bruinsnation for letting me use your platform to communicate to Bruin fans. Someone noticed that you guys get way more hits than my weekly blog. Don't understand why that is...

This is a special "word" to announce my soon to be published, and sure to be best-seller, "How to be Athletic Director for Dummies." It is my gift to those aspiring to be just like me. Since it looks like I'll be moving on to my next gig pretty soon, I took this opportunity to pass along my wisdom to all my fans.

As a preview here are the front and back covers, you won't be disappointed.

Guerrero_-_front_medium Guerrero_-_back_medium

Oh, as you might have noticed on the back cover, stay tuned for my latest enhancement. I'm following up my tremendously successful weekly blog with "Dan's Daily Tweets," as I leverage every social media tool to keep you informed.


Go Bruins!

Dan Guerrero
Director of Athletics, UCLA

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