Karl Dorrell FLASHBACK: "I sleep well at night"

Not sure how many of you remember this. This is what Karl Dorrell stated after the Bruins got destroyed in Utah:

"I sleep well at night," Dorrell said. "I did everything I could."

That was one of the more defining quotes of Dorrell's hapless career at UCLA when his incompetent coaching not only cost us on the field, but his pathetic recruiting gutted our talent level and set our program for years. There is a reason why UCLA didn't have any talent OL when Rick Neuheisel took over at the program.

I thought of the quote this morning after watching Coach Neuheisel's last post game presser at Spaulding. The contrast couldn't be more obvious. One person cared, the other not so much.

If you want to read more on the Karl Dorrell mythology and the revisionist non-sense that are being spewed by ignorant and uninformed reporters such as Ramona Shelburne you should read this post.


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