UPDATED: Join Fire Dan Guerrero Facebook Group

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Following on AHMB's post re: Chianti Dan's mucking up of the coaching search, I just want to remind everyone to sign up for the Fire Dan Guerrero Facebook group. It is clear that Guerrero has no clue how to run an elite athletic department. He thinks he can fix 10 years of neglect by throwing a hail mary up to Petersen, but it wouldn't have been necessary if he hadn't completely stripped the program of any semblance of respect in the first place. Join the Facebook group to get Guerrero out of Westwood today. JOIN TODAY.

I urge everyone to speak up on Facebook, on BN, on BRO and most of all with your money. I know it hurts, and many will say you're being bad fan, a bandwaggoner, etc., but the reality is that we all do a disservice to ourselves and the athletic department by continuing to support incompetence. So once again here is the link.

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