#NoMoraDan: Mora "Hire" Leak Looks Extremely Shady

Dan Guerrero is an idiot.

He has no trust from the fan base or from big time donors. The criticism of all aspects of his performance can be read here, on BRO, on Facebook, via twitter, and in traditional outlets like major newspapers including the LAT, and on national television. He has failed miserably in his two previous coaching hires.

And he still has the gall and short-mindedness to make this hire.

Never mind that Jim Mora is an awful choice. the whole manner of this coaching search and now in the way it was announced reeks of cowardice.

The fact that this item was leaked late Friday night shows Dan trying to hide his actions, to somehow sneak this decision in at a time when people aren't watching the news, to lessen the immediate outcry against what is another completely incompetent and terrible decision. After what U.C.L.A. has been dragged down to under Chiant Guerrero, he has just selected a coach with even fewer qualifications that our last two, who failed badly at the job. The unprofessional way that Chianti conducted this search and apparent hire is a disgrace to the legacy of U.C.L.A. and should be an outright embarrassment to anyone who care about the four letters. Our rivals and opponents won't know whether to laugh at us in mockery or just shake their heads at our continued path.

Major universities are proud of their football hires and highlight them in major announcement and press conferences designed to stir up enthusiasm. Dan Guerrero just leaked his on a late Friday evening when he figured no one was around to care or question him.

UCLA is expected to make a formal announcement on Saturday, and he is to be introduced next week at a news conference.

Mora and Athletic Director Dan Guerrero were not available for comment.

Unprofessional. Cowardly. Incompetent. Shady. Corrupt. Embarrassing.

If Dan is myopic and ignorant enough to think that slipping this in on the weekend is going to lessen the blow on Monday, he is absolutely wrong. And if the people answering the phones at the Chancellor's office think it was bad before, wait until they get a load of us now. 1-310-825-2151. Start calling now Bruins, just for practice. Someone will be answering Monday morning.

There is only one message: Fire Dan Guerrero Now!

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