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#NoMoraDan: By Hiring Jim Mora, UCLA’s Block & Guerrero Tell Bruin Alumni To Go To Hell

The Jim Mora hire is now official. After a lazy and what now appears to be a completely sham coaching search UCLA's joke athletic director just put out this:

"I am proud to announce today that Jim Mora has accepted the position of head football coach at UCLA," said Guerrero. "He has been a head coach at the game's highest level and has clearly demonstrated to me that he is hungry and eager to return to the sidelines."

Notice even in his opening lines, Chianti Dan didn't have the courage to actually point to Mora's mediocre record to justify this BS hire.No one in LA's traditional media is mentioning how the guy has a pathetic record with just one winning season riding Michael Vick's talent. No one is mentioning how he was reviled by the fanbases of previous two teams he "coached". Not to be outdone, Chancellor Block served up more BS:

"UCLA has always been a place of high expectations, as it applies to our students, our faculty, our researchers and, not least of all, our athletic program. With more NCAA championships than any other university, the reality is that our fans count on us to be great. The hiring of Jim L. Mora as head coach of UCLA football proves that this is still a place where champions are made and integrity matters," said UCLA Chancellor Gene Block. "Jim is the kind of coach who understands that every player must succeed not only on the field but also in the classroom. Great athletic programs are made up of great leaders, great athletes and great minds. I can think of no better place for Jim Mora than UCLA, and no better coach for UCLA than Jim Mora."

There is so much nonsense packed in that garbage, we don't know where to begin and end. What we do know now that these guys have no regard and respect for the tradition of UCLA athletics. They do not care how the alums of this university feel. They do not care about our past history.

As out of touch,tone deaf buarucrats, they have no clue about the landscape of college football, which has been apparently in their complete bungling of this program. They have now taken their incompetence to whole another level while showing completely disregard for the wishes of the alums of this university.

As for Mora here is his first official "message" to the Bruin community:

"As someone who has been around the game of football my entire life, I have always held the UCLA job in the highest esteem," said Mora. "Given its location and its tradition, UCLA is truly a sleeping giant and I realize that an opportunity of this magnitude doesn't present itself more than once in a career, so I jumped at the chance to be a Bruin."

He talks about "jumping," yet apparently UCLA is not important enough for him to leave a BS comfy big with the NFL Network. Looks like he is off to a Dorrellian start. Oh, I am sure he is going to serve up BS on Monday about how he has always admired Coach Wooden. Someone should tell him not to pull that kind of gross and predictable cheap PR stunt.

We don't have to sit down and take the BS. As soon as business hours start on Monday out in West Coast, blitz the clueless and out of touch Chancellor's office by calling 1-310-825-2151.

There is only one message: Fire Dan Guerrero Now. Use the hashtag #NoMoraDan on Twitter.