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Bruin Bites: No Rest Until Chianti Dan is Fired Edition

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Jim Mora is our coach. I'm not sure what more I can say that hasn't been said: that Mora is woefully unqualified, a man with a losing record in the NFL, and zero experience coaching college football, a game which while the same in name, is worlds apart from the professional game. He's a coach who has already managed to misstep and he hasn't even made it Westwood yet. And of course, after suffering under Chianti Dan's Reign of Error for the past decade, it is absolutely no surprise that he managed to completely bungle this coaching search. He's an incompetent buffoon, a man not fit to lead operations at a first grader's lemonade stand, let alone a multimillion dollar athletic department in a BCS conference in the second largest media market in the United States.

All-in-all, this has been exactly par for the course for Chianti Dan and UCLA: rather than heed the frustrated calls from their worn-down, tired fan base, donors, and alums, Chianti Dan and Gene Block after blowing smoke up the collective behinds of the wider Bruin Nation about "hiring an experienced head coach" and "financially committing to football" they give us a big fat symbolic middle finger, hiring another guy with zero college coaching experience, who himself admits he will be learning on the job.

We tried that before, a head coach who was going to learn on the job. His name was Karl Dorrell. That worked out so well for us, didn't it?

Calling this disaster a half-ass effort would be generous. So while UCLA fans basically throw up their hands in frustration and walk away from their alma mater, Chianti Dan is too busy kicking back, sipping chianti and collecting the plaudits from his clueless, inept boss, Gene Block: by the time these two morons (well, I guess Morans would be better now) realize how many millions of dollars they have cost UCLA by their gross incompetence and complete failure management style, it may sadly be too late.

People often criticized BN for calling for wholesale regime change in Westwood. Some people were content to replace Neuheisel. I hope everyone sees now what we have known and advocated for: that Westwood must be purged of the culture of mediocrity that permeates UCLA athletics, that we must sever ties to the diseased Donahue coaching tree, that losers like Bob Field and Terry Donahue be put out the pasture, and most importantly, that Dan Guerrero be fired.

You should already know what to do to make your voice heard:

Starting Monday at 8:30 am PST began calling the Chancellor's office at 1-310-825-2151. You can start calling now Bruins, just for practice. Someone will be answering Monday morning. There is only one message: Fire Dan Guerrero now.

With that, let's turn to the bits and pieces of news from around the UCLA-iverse after the jump.

Alright folks, that is your Bruin Bites round-up for the end of the weekend. Ten years later, and Chianti Dan has gone full circle, once again bringing in a young face that interviews well (and probably looks sharp in a suit) but has absolutely zero college coaching experience. Never mind that this is Chianti Dan's third football hire in just one decade (which is unheard of at any self-respecting program).

Just an all-around complete failure. You know what to do. Make yourself heard.

Fire away with your thoughts, comments, additions, etc. in the thread.