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[Updated] Chianti Dan’s UCLA Starving Our Players During ("Fight Hunger") Bowl Prep Week?

Randall Carroll tweeted a little while ago:


Well Carroll is being overly dramatic about NCAA violations. I doubt there is any NCAA violation here. However, the situation is not pretty. Carroll's complaint's were immediately amplified by Aramaide Olaniyan in these subsequent tweets:



In addition to Aramide there was this from Tevin McDonald (via Anthony Barr):

RT @SEVENs__UP i love my team, we out here still grindin when everybody just chillin.. we deserve better than what we gettin..

And Kai Maiava (also via Barr):

RT @WAI_51DE No check, no food, no hot water, NO LOVE!! What the hell is going on around here?!

Yikes, I guess that's Chianti Dan's department idea of getting our players ready for the Kraft "Fight Hunger" Bowl?

Now not everyone felt this way. We follow lot of players through our Twitter account @BruinNation and found that Derrick Coleman brushed off those complaints by noting on his (protected) account that if those guys had done everything they were "suppose to do the right away and in a timely manner," they would not have had these "problems."

This is also consistent with what we have heard about this football program being divided as some guys getting it while the other guys being not all that into it. Either way, the whole situation looks like a total mess and emblematic of an athletic program that has no organization and leadership from the very top (the guy who is suppose to be leading the department instead of hanging out at Chianti trips in Italy).

Perhaps Jim Mora can come in and bring some measure of discipline in this program. They haven't had any leadership from their head coaches for more than a decade, because the head coaches themselves haven't been held regularly accountable by an out of touch and incompetent leadership, that haven't cared about getting the football program in order for years.

This latest incident is just a microcosm oh what an embarrassment Chianti Dan's athletic program has become and why he needs to get booted out of Westwood asap.


UPDATE (N): Jon Gold just tweeted that he has been told that the UCLA football players who hadn't received their bowl checks, have now gotten them. If we had competent leadership that paid attention to details, we wouldn't have to find out this way. It's unclear though whether they have hot water and other basic amenities in the dorms. Hopefully that situation is getting addressed asap. Again, the school shouldn't have had to be embarrassed this way. It indications lack of leadership from the very top. GO BRUINS.