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Non-Revenue Roundup: Men's Soccer Falls to Tar Heels, Women's Volleyball Knocks Out Defending Champs

Photo Credit: NCAA
Photo Credit: NCAA

It's been a long week for the Bruins. First, Chianti Dan Guerrero, our lazy, incompetent athletic director, managed to completely bungle the football head coaching search (and if you think I say this with my BN-jaundiced glasses, Pre-Snap Read has an awesome post that just echos everything we've been saying on BN about Chianti Dan being a complete joke), saddling us with another NFL retread with zero college coaching experience who openly admits he will be learning on the job, which is nothing short of Chianti Dan and Gene Block giving the UCLA fan-base a symbolic middle finger.

Of course, Chianti Dan's mismanagement and the diseased culture of mediocrity he has fostered at Morgan Center has managed to spread past the football program and into the basketball program, the program built by a legend, an icon, a man who was the polar opposite of the chianti-swilling, pompous, self-interested bureaucrat we have for an athletic director.

And if that wasn't bad enough, the complete failure of Morgan Center to make sure our football players, getting ready for not just finals, but for a bowl game on December 31, the very basic amenities, like hot water for a shower or the financial assistance they are entitled to, so you know, they can do things like eat. I'm sure recruits love hearing about things like that: how UCLA's malaise is so widespread that once they bring you in, they'll subject you to sub-par facilities (for example, a 80 yard practice field), and leave you, literally, out in the cold and hungry.

So, since it's been a bad week (well, a bad decade really) to be a Bruin fan, let's take a look at how our non-revenue programs fared this past week after the jump. As I said last week, it's always nice to find any distraction to the gross mismanagement of our athletic department by Chianti Dan.

Alright folks, that's your non-revenue roundup for the past week. Disappointing and heart-breaking stuff for the men's soccer team, who will surely lose their top goal-scorer next year, but outstanding weekend for the women's volleyball team, who took a huge step toward the goal of bringing blue-and-gold title banner #108 back to Westwood

Another fall where our men's team fail to bring home NCAA hardware (no men's titles since 2008), which is just more fuel for the fire on why we need wholesale regime change in Westwood. It's time that Chianti Dan be shown the door before he irreparably ruins UCLA athletics.

Fire away with your thoughts, takes, analysis, and opinions in the comment thread.