No on Greg Knapp

I just read Ted Miller's piece that Nestor linked to on the hiring of Jim Mora. Needless to say, I am sickened by Dan Guerrero's contempt for UCLA fans and alumni, and I hope all BN readers saw T.J. Simers' story in the Times in which he said, "It remains almost incomprehensible how ill-prepared Dan Guerrero was after firing Rick Neuheisel."

But I want to say a few words about a remark by Ted Miller, who said Mora has ties to Greg Knapp, the quarterback coach of the Houston Texans. As an alumnus from many years ago, someone who has lived in the Sacramento area for decades and a longtime 49er fan, I'm familiar with Greg Knapp. He coached at Sac State before taking a job with the 49ers. At some point, he became the offensive coordinator (he might have first been hired as a quarterback coach.) In my judgment, Knapp lent a whole new meaning, if not dimension, to the word "boring" while with the 49ers. I recall one columnist who referred to him this way: "Greg (take a) Knapp."

I'm willing to give Mora a chance despite my loathing for Guerrero, but if Mora hires Knapp in any capacity, the game is over, in my opinion. Go Bruins.

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