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Quest for Title #108: Women's Volleyball vs. Florida State NCAA Semi-Final Open Thread


Once again, UCLA's hopes for a fall season national title fall squarely on the shoulders of one of our women's teams, as once again, under Chianti Dan's Reign of Error, the men's squads have come up a few steps short. This time, Coach Michael Sealy leads his #9-seeded women's volleyball team to San Antonio to take on the #12-seeded Florida State Seminoles in the NCAA tournament semi-final match.

Winner of the match will square off against the winner of the Illinois vs. U$C semi-final (read: winner gets to play U$C). Yesterday the ladies had their official pre-game practice and met the press. A recap of comments from Coach Sealy, phenomenal junior outside hitter Rachael Kidder, and seniors Lainey Gera and Lauren Van Orden can be found on the official site here. Photographs from yesterday's practice are here.

The game preview on the official site is here. The game gets underway at 4 p.m. PST and will be broadcast on ESPN2. It's also available online at, or if you're unable to watch it online, you can track it with Gamtracker here.

Let's go get 'em ladies. Time to cut down the Tomahawk Chop Nation.