[UPDATED] Welcome Coach Mazzone to UCLA

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While it will be debated if he is the right guy or not, I am very happy and think he will be a great hire. Several ASU friends of mine are very upset that he is leaving, and now that he is officially on board, we will officially have a "big boy" offense. Death to the Pistol is now official!!

Welcome Coach Mazzone. It is great to have you on board, and even better to get you from a Pac-10 rival. This can only help bring stability, but more importantly, some respect for the offense we are running.

[UPDATED - Bellerophon]: This is fantastic news that Coach Noel Mazzone has decided to leave Arizona State and officially join Coach Mora's staff. Here's the key quotes from the Scout article (not behind subscription firewall at the time of this post):

"Like any decision in life some of them have a bitter sweetness to them," Mazzone stated following Sunday’s practice. "The kids, the town here have all been awesome. Out of all the coaching stops I've had this has to be one of my favorites. I will always hold a special part in my heart for this town and for this program.

"It is going to be sad to move on, but I’m excited about that opportunity and also excited to finish the season with these kids and excited about the football game on Thursday."

Most exciting for Bruin fans is the development of Sun Devils QB Brock Osweiler, who gives Mazzone a lot of credit for developing him into a better QB:

"Coach Mazzone is the coach who got me to where I am today," Osweiler confessed. "Obviously you wouldn’t want anybody in that position to leave you, but that is part of the business. But I do know that coach Mazzone and myself will work together in the future again once I’m done at Arizona State.

"I’m just fortunate that he was here for the two years that he was and I was able to learn everything I did."

All-in-all, that bodes very well for the QB position at UCLA, which has often been our Achilles' heel.


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