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BN Gameday: Oregon Game Thread

Let's put away the UCLA coaching search related anxieties at least for next three hours. Bruins are about to kick off in what will be Coach Rick Neuheisel's last game as the head football coach at UCLA. Yes, the Bruins do not have a chance. This game is set up to be a complete blowout and even if the Bruins attain a "moral victory" that is not going to make anyone feel better and Chianti Dan's dismal UCLA athletics.

I had to look back and read my own words after that magical debut against Tennessee. That seems ages ago and it is heart-wrenching to see how none of it worked out. The emotions became even more acute after we all watched Neuheisel's last post practice presser at Spaulding this week. If life was fair Neuheisel would get a glorious send off tonight in Eugene. Given this is a reality based community we know it will most likely not take place. Still IMHO it's worth it to make an effort to send some good vibes for at least few more hours.

If you want to read up on Oregon, you can read up our scouting reports here and here. Kickoff is set for 5:20 p.m. PST. The game will be televised nationally by FOX with Gus Johnson(!) and Charles Davis in the booth, while Tim Brewster reports from the sideline. You can keep track of the game online via the official site and also the WWL game page. Let's get this "show" started.

Fire away.