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Bruin Bites: RIP Skip Rowland, Bowl Game News & Football Recruiting Notes

It's Wednesday, which means we're getting closer to the long holiday weekend and it's time for the mid-week edition of Bruin Bites. Of course, it wouldn't be normal if we didn't have some complete fail around our football program to discuss, and this week, it's the return of the extremely stupid and frankly, embarrassing "over the wall" "tradition" at UCLA. It's pathetic, especially for a team that went 6-7 and had to ask for a waiver to play in a fourth-rate bowl game because this is the new-age NCAA where, like Little League, everyone gets a gold star for six wins, as if it's some kind of accomplishment.

For a team that underachieved all season and gave us embarrassments against Arizona and U$C, how did any of these fools think that they are in any kind of position to skip practice? Frankly, this sorry squad needs all the practice they can get. If I was Coach Johnson and wanted to show prospective employers (read: Akron) I was a serious coach, I'd take every senior who was behind this and tell them they can enjoy the Kraft "Who Gives a Damn" Bowl from the sidelines because they won't be suiting up; since they deprived underclassmen of a practice, the underclassmen will take their spots on the field to make up for it. Looks like we are already going to have some players academically ineligible (Tony Dye, Alberto Cid & Isiah Bowens) and suspended for the bowl game. We may as well suspend all the key senior leaders who organized this ridiculous stunt.

Thankfully not every Bruin bought into this kind of complete and utter stupidity. So while the senior fools (who showed that they selfishly don't care about UCLA's need to give underclassmen every bit of practice they can get to help build for next year) led this idiotic move, guys like Kevin Prince and Johnathan Franklin expressed their displeasure that the seniors chose to revive this loser "tradition." Fortunately Coach Jim Mora gets it.

With that, let's take a look at the bits and pieces of news around the UCLA-iverse after the jump.

Alright folks, those are your Bruin Bites for the middle of the week before Christmas. Get your last second shopping done and fire away with your comments, thoughts, additions, etc. in the thread.