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Special CFB Open Thread: Petersen's Boise State v. Mazzone's ASU

Normally we do not put up open threads for a single random bowl game. However, the Las Vegas Bowl game going on right now on TVee is not so random for the Bruin Universe. The game features two teams that have prominently factored into our football related discussions in recent weeks. We have Chris Petersen's Boise State. I don't think I have to add anything more on Petersen in this post. Okay, well if you didn't know who is you should read this thread (!).

On the other hand there is ASU where Noel Mazzone is finishing up his OC duties before joining Coach Jim Mora at UCLA. For UCLA fans wanting a possible preview of next season's offense ASU offense is always fun to watch. The game started just a little while ago and BSU thanks to an opening kickoff return is up 7-0. Here is the tWWL game page.

I will let you guys take it from here. The game is on ESPN. Fire away in this open game thread.