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The 2011 Bruins Nation Awards - Vote For Funniest Post of the Year

via <a href="">the Official Site</a>
via the Official Site

Hello Again, Bruins Nation, and welcome back to the Annual Bruins Nation Awards. This morning we listed our 5 nominations for Best Post of the Year. Well, beyond all the serious and heartfelt posts in 2011, and after some people couldn't recognize satire, there was still a lot to laugh about, too, So here we get to laugh again with our most humorous posts of the year.

Once again, these awards are about our community members. As a way to highlight the outstanding contributions from the incredible Bruins Nation community, we picked the funniest posts and comment threads from our readership. No front pagers allowed. Garlic Joe will have to take a back seat this evening.

Again, I went back through every fan post and front page article in 2011. There were tons of articles and comment threads that had me rolling on the floor laughing my ass off (there really should be an acronym for that). I truly wish we had a way to recognize everyone, as we definitely have one of the top 20 or 30 best communities and writers on any blog anywhere, but this isn't AYSO or the college bowl season. We had to eliminate someone here. In the end we selected 5 articles that were the funniest posts and threads of the year. Now you pick the winner.

Last year's winner can be seen here. But as for this year...

The 2011 nominees for Funniest Post on Bruins Nation are...

#SFatPauley: Morgan Center Designs New Dorm - Bruinut

Amidst the outcry and anger of the SFatPauley movement came this amazing piece combining the architectural misplanning on the part of our AD and the ever-present need for student housing at U.C.L.A. Imagine the Pauley Renovation Committee getting Residential Life hammered at a party and knocking her up. Disgusting and hilarious at the same time - a lot like the offspring from just such an encounter.

Trogan to English: USC's Declaration of Independence - ucla7477

ucla7747 has been invaluable to BN in providing numerous translations of trogansese, which basically take the various incomprehensible complete nonsense spewed out by the trogan brass and translate it to intelligible English, and in doing so confirms that, indeed, their spewings really are, in fact, complete nonsense. In this translation of Ethical Pat's musings that the trogans might be too good for the Pac-12, one of the most holy documents in American history gets a beating. It would be even funnier if it weren't so scary.

San Jose State Claims UCLA Relationship - LABruin

With the Spartans preparing to face the mighty Bruin football team, some San Jose State marketers tried to close the apparent disparity between the two schools by dredging up some distant relationship between U.C.L.A and SJSU that was so obscure that even Tennessee newlyweds thought they were really stretching things. The additional relationships cited in the resulting thread were equally entertaining. However, the game itself was not. If only the Spartans had waited until the 4th quarter, they could have pointed out the two teams had a lot more in common than anyone had ever thought.

UCLA's Athletic Department to Merge With USC's - Rowdy44

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Only, who joined who? Why bother with conference realignment when you can have University alignment? Both sides come out winners, and losers, in Rowdy44's epic and ingenious plan to merge the two major college athletic departments in Los Angeles. But no matter what the deal, we aren't sharing O.J. That guy stays with *$c exclusively.

The Morgan Center Guide To Turning Corners - Bruinut

Two wrongs don't make a right. But three lefts do. Unfortunately, by the time the Morgan Center gets done turning corners in this hilarious guide to righting (or is it lefting?) the ship, we are all hopelessly lost. Lab rats at Franz Hall think this maze is ridiculous. Well, at least the journey is really funny. That is, until we all get dizzy and fall over and vomit. But like watching your friends stumble out of Stratton's, or whatever it is called now, that's always comical to see, too, right?

Please click on the titles to go back and read these outstanding pieces. Then vote below for what you felt was the Funniest Post on BN in 2011. Feel free to comment on these or any other articles in the thread below.