Chianti Dan's New Year Eve FAIL: UCLA Football & Hoops At The Same Time

In this digital age it's hard to complain about concurrent television programs. Fire up the DVR and it's all good, plus you get to skip the commercials.

But what do you do if you actually want to attend a game when your two favorite sports teams are playing in the same city at the same time?

You see, both the UCLA Basketball team and the UCLA Football team are set to play in the bay area at 1pm on New Year's Eve. Most of us have dealt with the inconvenience somehow...but should it even have happened?

Let's see what our illustrious Chianti sipping Athletic Misdirector had to say about it in his new email...uh, blog, after the jump.

Here is the the explanation in the latest Word from Westood from Chianti Dan:

Some of you have asked why we would be playing a men's basketball game at the same time that day and in the same metropolitan area (for those who don't know, we are at Cal for a 1pm tipoff). The basketball game was initially scheduled for a 7pm start, but, prior to football bowl selections, was moved to an earlier tipoff time at Cal's request. When it was moved, Fox Sports Net added it to its slate of games, and 1pm was the only time slot they had available, meaning that we were unable to avoid the conflict.

What kind of pathetic explanation is that?

The time for the bowl game has been set for a while. As soon as there were indications that UCLA would most likely be heading to the KFH Bowl game, a good executive would have immediately started working with Fox to get the hoops game shifted. A good CEO would have also mobilized his "base" to create a demand for separate time slot for that game either through direct or back channels.

Guerrero failed at all of that.

He simply does not understand the leverage he has, as the content provider, and instead just bows to TV without so much as a whimper. Attendance for our football and basketball games is already horrendous, and this does not help one bit. I just think that Chianti Dan either does not care or does not know how to deal with these situations.

The man is the opposite of a power broker...he's a power vacuum.

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