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BN Gameday: Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl v. Illinois Game Thread

Well here we go again ladies and gentlemen. We are just about at kick off time for the last game of "Pre Mora Era" of UCLA football. This game has been largely ridiculed and mocked around the country for arguably serving as a compelling datapoint for those arguing that we have way too many bowl games. There is the coaching situation around both programs. Both teams have had to suspend key players. Plus there has been the over the wall embarrassment.

Still being the junkies that we are, we will be watching this game (and flipping back and forth between the hoops game. Oh yeah, the hoops game. Thanks to Dan Guerrero's incompetence we have to follow two games at the same time. So keep two tabs open in your browser and follow the hoops game here. As for football, you can read up our scouting reports on Illinois here and here. As always if you need to cram in some last minute game notes check out our coverage leading to this game.

The game will be televised nationally on ESPN with kickoff set for 12:30 p.m. PT. You can keep track of the game online via the official site and also the WWL game page. Let's get this show started.

Fire away.