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Happy New Year From Chianti Dan: Bruins Get Mauled By Cal; 85-69


Well that was pathetic.

Normally, after yet another embarrassing blowout in Ben Howland's recent history, we'd go and dissect the performance and what went wrong and what needs to be done to fix it. But really, what we saw just seems like a manifestation of all that we've been saying ever since the season began about our problems, and so there's really not a lot to say.

On one hand, Tyler Lamb was hot for most of the game, getting 26 points on 15 shots including 5 three pointers. On the other hand, he was part of a backcourt that surrendered 49 points on 60% shooting to their backcourt counterparts on Cal.

It sure wouldn't be fair to single out the guards when it came to surrendering baskets. The Bears shot 65% for the entire game overall , so obviously defensive ineptitude was not dependent on position. What is especially sad and disgusting about this team is that for all the argument about whether the Man to Man or Zone defense is appropriate for this team, the team itself came out and rendered that argument irrelevant. Evidently it doesn't matter what we play, because we are equally terrible at both. Uncontested 3s and shoddy interior defense are the new hallmarks of Ben Howland's defensive strategy, and it doesn't matter what you call it at this point, unless you want to call it a four letter word of some sort.

There are no moral victories and no excuses. Just a weak, pathetic, shameful 0-2 start with Arizona up on deck next at Honda Center.