Coaching Hot Stove: No to Mora Jr., Fedora to North Carolina?

Nestor has already pointed out that Chianti Dan is just recycling names from the last bumbled incompetent coaching search, and one of the lame recycled retreads is Jim Mora, Jr.

Jim Mora, Jr. is another failed and fired NFL retread, whose teams consistently choked when it mattered most. His quarterbacks, including Michael Vick didn't get along well with his offensive coordinators. Is that who you want coaching Brett Hundley? Mora also makes questionable decisions and has had off-the field distractions:

But Mora's tenure also was marked by an odd series of off-field distractions, including the embarrassment he caused himself during a Seattle radio station interview before a crucial game against Dallas last month.

And that wasn't Mora's only problem, he was reputed to have lost control of the team, and then there's this.

Did you ever watch Mora wander around on the sidelines? He looked like a small child lost in public. With his arms folded, he quietly gazed into nowhere wondering why his team was down by two scores in the first quarter. The only time Mora ever showed any real emotion was when the referees made a questionable call – then the pouting began.

The Bruins can do better, but first we need wholesale regime change in Westwood. Fortunately, the adults at UCLA aren't in favor of Mora. When will things get better?

UCLA will close in on a serious candidate after Guerrero blows the last of his once-limitless supply of Carnival game tickets. Stay tuned.

UPDATE [N]: We are now seeing report of Fedora heading to UNC:

After dismissing Butch Davis just days before the opening of 2011 training camp, North Carolina has reportedly chosen a successor.

Inside Carolina is reporting that Southern Miss head coach Larry Fedora will likely become to the next head football coach for the Tar Heels, following his 11-2 Conference USA title season with the Golden Eagles. Fedora's name was also reportedly in the mix for Texas A&M, Kansas, and Arizona State. According to the report "multiple sources have reason to believe a deal is in place," though the deal has not been finalized.

Fedora interviewed for the Texas A&M position on Monday evening, and was reportedly given a Tuesday deadline for the North Carolina offer.

Southern Mississippi was Fedora's first head coaching stop after serving as an offensive position coach at Florida under Ron Zook and offensive coordinator at Oklahoma State under current head coach Mike Gundy. Since arriving in Hattiesburg, Fedora has taken the Golden Eagles to four straight bowl games and compiled a 33-19 overall record.

Presumably UNC's AD closed fast on Fedora, as soon as it became apparent that Chris Peterse was going to stay put in Idaho so he can keep "competing" in Bowl games in Vegas. Good for UNC for having an AD who actually is doing a legit coaching search, unlike Chianti Dan's sham search. GO BRUINS.

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