Itinerary Set for Tuscany with Chianti Dan

Dan Guerrero took care of the travel plans himself, so there are a couple of slight hiccups

Fly non-stop 1st class from LA to Italy (DG and wife). All others- DG did not make arrangements in time for anybody else- connecting flight through Seattle, Boise, Houston, Atlanta, Belgium, Germany

Hotel overlooking the Arno River and the Cathedral- Director's Suite (DG and wife). All others- DG forgot this too- stay 3 to a room in the industrial section by the airport. Major donors get indoor plumbing.

Monday- visit Uffizi Gallery to see Rembrandts, Botticelli's, etc. Stand in line for 3 hours before DG realizes Uffizi is closed on Monday

Tuesday- bus trip to Siena to see the Palio. Leave at crack of dawn to get good seat for the action. Stand in sun for 4 hours before somebody mentions that the race is on Sunday.

Where do I sign up?

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