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Bruin Bites: We Still Don't Have a Head Coach Edition

Yeah, so Rick has been out 10 days and Chianti Dan has managed to completely flounder with a coaching search that has been a total joke. Of course, for those who have been following Chianti Dan's every-increasing tone-deaf stupidity, it is hardly asurprised that our coaching search feels sloppy and half-ass. The fact that the chianti-sippin', tone-deaf bureaucrat in charge has already been rejected by a handful of coaching candidate (Petersen, Sumlin, and Golden) is just funny in a morbid, sad kind of way.

So while Chianti Dan has been busy chasing down lame NFL rejects (Jim Mora) or retreads (Bellotti, June Jones), realistic and promising coaching candidates like Larry Fedora at Southern Miss (who spanked former Chianti favorite Kevin Sumlin last weekend) are being snapped up by programs run by competent athletic directors who actually know how to conduct a coaching search. Never mind that dynamic coaches who would have been solid hires (certainly better than uninspiring "candidates" like Mora, Bellotti, and Jones), like say Mike Leach, Rich Rodriguez, or Hugh Freeze are already off the board because Chianti Dan was too busy planning wine-tasting trips in Tuscany rather than, you know, doing the job he is paid $600K for.

And of course, let's not forget that Chianti Dan forced Rick Neuheisel, a true Bruin who loves everything about UCLA, to try to do his job on the cheap, forcing coordinators on him, and then hampering his ability to bring in replacements with an Ebenezer Scrooge budget and piss-poor facilities. Oh, but now he's willing to hire some NFL reject for a multi-million dollar salary, let him spare no expense for assistants, and promise him improved facilities. So, Chianti Dan is willing to go the extra mile for a NFL reject, but screwed over a true Bruin who bleeds blue-and-gold. Seriously, f**k this guy.

Anyway, in this past Sunday's edition of Bruin Bites, I wrote:

But knowing Chianti Dan's bumbling stupidity, we'll end up with some retread failure like Herm Edwards, a guy who the closest he's been to a football field the last few years has been Coors Light commercials.

Wow. I didn't know how close I'd come: sure, it's not Herm Edwards, but another NFL reject: Jim Mora.

On the plus side, Chianti Dan's bumbling stupidity makes this one last thought easy (since it's the same as last edition): if Chianti Dan hires Jim Mora, especially with other more viable candidates in play (Dantonio, Mullen, Pellini, Hudspeth Manny Diaz, etc.), we will call for nothing short of a scorched earth full-on war against Chianti Dan and will not stop until he is fired.

So, before we get to the Bruin Bites for this Wednesday afternoon, don't forget to sign up at the Fire Dan Guerrero Facebook group. With that, let's take a look at the bits and pieces of news from around the UCLA-iverse after the jump.

Alright folks, that is your Bruin Bites round-up for the middle of this week. We're going to keep it short and sweet as we anticipate another hectic few days as we keep eyes on the ongoing joke/debacle/disaster that is Chianti Dan's third football head coaching search in his less-than-a-decade tenure. Ten years, and he's on his third football coach.

Seriously, can someone tell me why UCLA is paying this buffoon over $600K per year?!

Fire away with your thoughts, comments, additions, etc. in the thread.