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UCLA Coaching Hot Stove: NY Times Highlights BruinsNation's All Out Pressure on Chianti Dan

None other than the New York Times has weighed in on the progress -- or lack thereof -- of Chianti Dan's coaching "search." The Grand Old Lady also noted the pressure this blog continues to bring to bear on UCLA's sommelier:

A bit further west, at U.C.L.A., another coaching search appears to be stuck in neutral. Rick Neuheisel was fired in the wake of losing 50-0 to cross-town rival U.S.C. in the last game of the year. Neuheisel had coached the Bruins for four seasons, with a 21-28 record. What did him in was an 0-4 record against U.S.C. and the blowout losses.


The next target is Jim Mora Jr., who has interviewed, but there is no offer yet on the table. Bloggers, such as Bruins Nation, are lambasting the pace, and lack of results, by Guerrero and U.C.L.A.

The important thing to note -- along with the classy periods between U-C-L-A that only the New York Times and our own gbruin use -- is that the pressure this community continues to bring to the process is being noticed on a national scale. Our voiced are being heard. Don't let up.