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Steve Sarkisian’s Agents Working Overtime to Float BS UCLA Candidacy?

Of course this nonsense appears in the Trojan Times:

Washington football Coach Steve Sarkisian has been approached by UCLA, according to people familiar with the situation who are not authorized to speak publicly on the subject.

Thus far, those efforts have fallen on deaf ears, as the Huskies' coach remains committed to staying at Washington.

Washington officials would neither confirm nor deny whether UCLA has asked for permission to speak to the Huskies' coach.

Sarkisian was busy recruiting this past week. He posted a "woof" message on Twitter Thursday, which he does whenever he receives an oral commitment from a recruit.

Uh, yeah. Whatever you say guys. What this appears to be is nothing more than Sarkisian's agents floating BS stories so that he can position himself to perhaps leverage more money in his current K with the Washington Huskies. There is nothing in this thinly sourced, vaguely written post about UCLA actually pursuing Sarkisian. Foster just threw it up. It's not that heard to push out BS by attributing to "people familiar with the situation."

One would think even Chianti Dan is not stupid enough to understand that any back cannel overtures from Sark's lackies is nothing more than an effort to play UCLA and get more out of his existing contract with Washington. We have discussed in detail why Sark is not really any different than Rick Neuheisel and how he would be a nonstarter in Westwood. UCLA can pursue lot of good coaches. Sark shouldn't be one of them. To get quick ideas of what are the kind of coaches UCLA should be thinking about get the links after the jump.

Clearly for $4 million UCLA can get a good coach, as evidenced by UNC's recent signing of Larry Fedora. Sark is not one of them. So if anyone associated with Chianti Dan is reading this, we'd advise getting the word out there that UCLA has no interest in Sark.

There are plenty of candidates out there. You can read on couple of them in recommended fanposts sections here and here. There are lot of other interesting names being discussed here as well. This shouldn't be this difficult for Chianti unless he is totally incompetent. In that case, he needs to be fired ... like today.