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Sark Alert

While we don't know if the Sark to UCLA rumors are anything more than mere posturing, they have been picking up steam over the past few hours. Of course, don't tell University of Washington Athletic Director Scott Woodward; he prefers to keep his head in the sand. When asked if UCLA had contacted Steve Sarkisian, he said:

"Steve, I know, hasn't talked to them, as far as I know.''

That's AD speak for "I don't know." Woodward did deny that UCLA has asked to him to speak to Sarkisian, but that's a formality usually given between two athletic directors. Frankly, it's not even clear at this point WHO (if anyone) is leading the charge for Sarkisian.

If someone other that Chianti Dan is looking at Sarkisian, Sarkisian just became much more appealing. This would effectively ensure that Chianti Dan is OUT as Athletic Director of UCLA. Again, we don't know whether this is the case or not, but a coup d'etat of the UCLA athletic department? YES, PLEASE.

Of course, IF Sarkisian were to come to Westwood, we would also expect that he hire a defensive coordinator other than Nick Holt. Holt's defensive schemes have been on par with Tresey's, and we all know how that turned out.