UCLA hires Mastro, Releases Todd Howard

UCLA's Athletics page is stating that Rick has hired Jim Mastro from Nevada and released Todd Howard.

With this, we have the makings of an excellent, recruiting-oriented offensive staff.  Mastro was the recruiting coordinator for Nevada, and obviously has an eye for talent, considering their recent success.  With the combined efforts of Rick, Mastro, Coach Johnson, Wayne Moses and Bob Palcic, we have a scary offensive recruiting crew.  Here's hoping we see the dividends

As for the running game, many are probably confused as to how Mastro and Moses will co-exist.  From my understanding, Mastro will coordinate elements of the pistol into Johnson's scheme, and will assist in gameplanning.  Wayne Moses will still oversee the running backs and be in charge of their development, likely with some assistance from Mastro. 

As for Howard, I've heard rumors that several members of our staff were not very active in recruiting, and at least significantly less "energetic" than other Pac 10 members.  I believe Howard was one of these.  He was absolutely demolished recruiting-wise this year, having his lunch money taken by recruiters like Tosh Lupoi and Ed Orgeron.  I think it will allow for some positive momentum and new blood to have our new DC hire his own D-Line coach, and hopefully it will aid in the development of our young, extremely talented D-line.

Overall, I'm very pleased with these decisions, and I'd like to hear thoughts...

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