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GameThread for Beavers at UCLA Bruins

UCLA and Oregon State are two teams going in opposite directions right now. Oregon State has lost five out of its last six games and UCLA has won eight of its last nine. According to the official preview, UCLA has won the ladt 12 meetings against the Beavers, including the 62-57 close call in Corvallis from earlier this year. That close call last time, had the Bruins taking care of business against the Beavers until they let up and almost blew the game after leading by 17.

For the official Oregon State preview go here. For BN writings on the game look at the side bar. Zeek is still hurting but will play . The game will start at 1:06 p.m. PST and will be on FSN Prime Ticket. You can follow the game here.

As always if you are watching the game, share your instant thoughts and commentary here in our game thread.

Fire away.

Go Bruins!