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[Update x 2] McReynolds/Lucien lead our Band of Brothers; NSD thread part 2

U.C.L.A. got a huge boost today with the signing of Kevin McReynolds, the #5 defensive tackle prospect in the country, according to Tom Lemming, and #24 per Scout.  McReynolds will be making the move across the country from Washington DC to Westwood, and we are very happy to welcome him.

Here are some highlights.

Thus far, we have signed 9 players today, and that's not including the 3 who were already signed (including Brett Hundley).  We will have a complete rundown of all of our new Bruins for you soon.  For now, with all the upheaval around this program, we should be extremely appreciative and proud of all the kids who are willing to run into the fire, instead of taking the easy route and running away.  This recruiting class is our new Band of Brothers.  Let's make sure we give these kids our full support.

U.C.L.A. still has hopes of landing OT Torian White and WR Devin Lucien, both of whom are announcing later today.  Let's continue our NSD thread here.  Stay tuned...

Update (BN): Torian White has decided to sign with the love of Rocky Seto's life: USC Trogans.

2nd Update (BN): Lucien committed to UCLA. Welcome to Wesrtwood Devin.