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Game Thread for UCLA vs. Arizona, Closing Out "Old Pauley"

This game has a much different feel than any other game this year. UCLA is playing for first place in the Pac-10 against the #10 ranked Arizona Wildcats. Seems like old times (except, well, we used to be ranked too, but let's not quibble on details). Pauley will be in a "blue out" with Coach's 1971 national championship team saluted at halftime. This is a game that could really be special on multiple levels.

Will this current crop of Bruins feel the magic and play at the level needed to beat a top-10 team? The UCLA preview is here. CBS has a special preview here. The Arizona preview is here. You can follow the game online here.

As always if you are watching the game, share your instant thoughts and commentary here in our game thread.

Fire away.

Go Bruins!