Incredible Video of Coach Howland and Trapani

Bumped. -BN

I ran upon this video cruising the web this morning. I actually had to hold in the tears when I was watching it. It really makes me proud to be a Bruin (which I always am anyways), but this really hit home. To see the emotion that CBH had, and the love that he has for the Wooden family, it is really inspiring. I saw another side of CBH last night that I have never seen. Here is the link:

He is a man of character, and is truly a man that is proud to be a Bruin and a part of the greatest university in the world. Yesterday was special. Thank you CBH for being you, and thank you COACH from above for having that ball drop right into TT's hands, giving us a moment that will live forever.

Peace, Love, and UCLA Basketball!

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