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GameThread for St. John's Red Storm at UCLA

Here we go. The Lizard circus game. (For more on CHP's philosophy, go to his pyramid. ) Will UCLA come out as fired up as the alumni or will they come out asleep like the last time they played an early morning game against Stanford? How will Reeves ankle and Zeek's wrist and finger hold up? (Zeek missed one practice for a sprained wrist but did practice yesterday.) All CHP issues aside, this game is huge for UCLA's NCAA Tournament resume as St. John's RPI is 24. We need this one. The experts say threes and turnovers may decide. I think Josh may have a say.

The official preview is here. As always read the BN articles on the side. Rumble in the Garden has an interesting preview (warning they are so desperate that they are in the "CHP is in the eccentric but charming" phase). The game is at 10:05 a.m. on CBS. You can follow along here.

As always if you are watching the game, share your instant thoughts and commentary here in our game thread.

Fire away.

Go Bruins!