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Super Bowl XLV Open Thread

The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers will fight for the Vince Lombardi Trophy in Super Bowl XLV. (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers will fight for the Vince Lombardi Trophy in Super Bowl XLV. (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
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A major television event called the Super Bowl happens today, and the world will be watching. Economically troubled U.S. companies will spend millions of dollars on 30 second ads. Economically troubled Americans will bet millions of dollars on Gatorade colors and a coin toss. 100,000 people, including celebs, rich executives, only 3 of the 4 old guys who have been to all the Super Bowls, and a few actual fans will brave the cold and falling ice to be there. Christina Aguilera will take 12 minutes to riff through the National Anthem. For some unexplainable reason, the Black Eyed Peas will play at halftime. And somewhere, lost in all this, there will be a football game. The Green Bay Packers will meet the Pittsburgh Steelers in Dallas for Super Bowl XLV. The game kicks off on FOX at 6:29 pm EST (for oswego and myself, that's 5:29 CST, 4:29 MST, and 3:29 PST). 

Dallas has done its best to make both teams feel at home by having freezing weather and snow, but Jerry's house has a roof, so weather won't be an issue on the field.  On paper, this looks like a pretty even matchup.  Both teams bring an awesome defense.  Both teams feature an effective offense (the Steelers are more balanced while the Packers favor the pass).  Both teams have head coaches named Mike.  Both teams currently have defensive coordinators on staff (!).   Both teams took the long route through the playoffs to get to the final game.  The biggest difference between the two appears to be the Steelers' experience on this stage.  Only 2 Packers have been in a Super Bowl, compared to 25 Steelers, and many of them have two Super Bowl rings already.

Personally, I'm having a tough time deciding who to root for.

Normally, I root for the team with more Bruins playing (neither - though Brandon Chillar and Spencer Havner are on the Packers' roster but are both on IR and won't play).  Or I root against the team with a dominant longhaired trogie on defense (both - Steeler Troy Polamalu was NFL Defensive PoY, and Packer Clay Matthews III finished second).  I could root for the team that has never won it before (neither - Green Bay has 3 trophies and the Steelers have a whopping 6).  Or the team with the cooler fans (neither - the Cheesehead is lame and the Terrible Towel is annoying).  Maybe the city with nicer weather (hahaha...).  The blue collar town (both).  The town I'd rather live in  (neither).  Geez...

Hmm.  Maybe I'll just pick a QB.  Aaron Rodgers is a Cal guy, so he's like our litle brother, and he replaced a legendary and misogynist QB in his franchise.  On the other side, Ben Roethlisberger is already well on his way to becoming a legendary misogynist QB in his franchise.  Ah, there it is!   With Fox and most of BN on the Packers' side,  well then,  Go Pack Go!  But, I think the Steelers still win this one.  They are experienced, and they always seem to find a way to win in the end, and I don't think today will be any different.

Enjoy the game, because the NFL lockout comes soon and this may be the last professional football game until *$c opens against Minnesota in September - Go Gophers!.  Here's your open thread, Bruins Nation.  Have at it...